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Finally, in the main categories of land receiving special consideration within the planning system are the Green Belts, proposed by the local planning authority and confirmed by the Minister- These were originally set apart to limit the spread of towns and to stop them merging to form concur.

Save the Green Belt

In 2016 UK Land Agents are now offering green field land for sale, close to existing housing to private investors. These plot sales allows individuals to share in the development gains that previously were only on offer to the large builders and developers of land for sale.

Some UK Land Agents though are not completely honest with the public and recommending that they purchase land deep in the countryside in the hope of eventual development. Some Land Agents even recommend that the public do not need to use solicitors to purchase the land!

As such I have designed this site to act as a green belt "press cuttings" service. GVI now contains over 100 recent news articles. I leave it to you to read these articles and then make up your own mind on this issue.

To protect people who decide that they want to "invest" in the Green Belt I have listed a series of recommended "quality" Land Agents . All of these Agents give good advice and as such insist that you use your own independent solicitor when purchasing land (unlike Land Agents from the more dubious end of the market).